Video: collaboration Solar Team Twente

solar challenge

In 2019 ALTEN Nederland worked together with the Solar Team Twente for the first time. The Solar Team Twente participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019. This was the fifteenth edition of the World Solar Challenge (WSC), a race for solar cars which is held every two years in Australia with a route of 3021 km.

One of the goals of the Solar Team Twente is: “By creating the best solar car in the world, we are developing technologies and innovations for the efficient use of solar energy as an energy source for vehicles. Therefore, this example of automotive technology and innovation will make a difference”.

The Solar Team Twent approached ALTEN for sponsorship. We did this in the form of knowledge sharing. Our embedded specialists, data scientists and UX consultants worked closely with the team. Watch the video for more information about this great collaboration:

For more information about Solar Team Twente, please visit:


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