Talent@ALTEN: Thijs


Thijs has recently become a consultant at ALTEN since September this year. Before he joined ALTEN, he studied Embedded Software at the HAN in Arnhem. Currently, he is working as a software engineer in our Apeldoorn office. Besides his work as a consultant, Thijs is very busy with his own DJ and producer company called ‘Thrax’. Want to know more about Thijs? He tells you all about it in this interview. What exactly do you do at ALTEN?
“Currently I am working via ALTEN on an assignment at a Dutch producer of central heating products for the residential and commercial construction industry, located in Apeldoorn. As a software and test engineer I am testing their room thermostat.”

What exactly is your talent?
“I am a DJ, producer and guitarist. As a DJ I mainly play t parties, such as events and weddings, etc. I also produce my own dance music. When I’m producing music, I build new songs from the ground up. Sometimes I also record pieces of guitar to use in my music.”

How did you find out that you have a talent for this?
“I come from a very musical family. My grandfather was already into music, my mother plays clarinet and my father does percussion. So, I have been involved in music from an early age. When I got a guitar from my uncle and aunt, I took guitar lessons. This was in 2010. I now have three guitars: a Spanish-, a Western- and an electric guitar. After taking guitar lessons, I came into contact with the DJ profession. I started following DJ and producer lessons in 2013. From there I got to play at parties and was able to gain experience in ‘reading’ crowds.

What do you like about it?
“I like all three equally. When I play as a DJ, it’s fun to get the audience dancing and introduce them to the music I like. But keeping the audience dancing is of course the main goal.

As a producer, I mainly make dance music. Composing a song, searching and finding the right instruments, that is the challenge. I love to combine new sounds to create my own unique sound!

As a guitarist I am always practicing new songs and techniques. For instance trying to find the chords of a song by ear. Playing guitar can also be very relaxing at times.”

How do you combine these hobbies with your work at ALTEN?
“I’m very happy that ALTEN gave me the opportunity to work 32-hour work weeks. I don’t think it would be possible to work on my DJ/production skills in a fulltime job in IT. So it’s great to have one day a week to spend on my passion for music.

Bottom line I think I spend more than 12 hours a week on music. This includes organizing music for gigs, producing music, playing guitar (practicing) and managing my brand (social media, networking with other artists, etc.). When I have bookings / gigs, I spend my part-time day preparing for the gig.”

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