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Digital transformation: revolutionizing customer experience & operational efficiency

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Over the past few years, retailers have grappled with a range of challenges, encompassing shifting consumer behaviours, cost pressures, and supply chain limitations.

Recent innovations have contributed to the massive adoption of new uses that will be retained by consumers: click & collect, contactless payment, express delivery, personal shopper, social selling, etc.

Acceleration of the digital transformation

All brands are accelerating their digital transformation to provide a smooth, multi‑channel client experience. This digitalisation now extends to internal and back‑office processes. The use of data is becoming essential for forecasting client demand, proposing personalised offers, making automated product selections, improving logistics flows and optimising prices. 

Navigating the Complexities: Challenges and Opportunities 

The challenges are multifaceted and require careful consideration. One of the key concerns is data security, as the industry operates on multiple access platforms, making it vulnerable to potential breaches. Additionally, piracy-related threats loom large, posing risks to intellectual property and revenue streams. Moreover, the industry must grapple with the ever-increasing volumes of data, as it strives to adapt to emerging platforms and meet the demands of an evolving digital landscape. By addressing these challenges head-on, the industry can navigate the complexities and pave the way for a thriving future. 

ALTEN, your key partner in agile innovation

As a partner of major retail chains, ALTEN supports its customers in various innovative projects. Our functional expertise (customer journeys, supply chain, UX, performance marketing), technological proficiency (applications, mobility, cloud, big data, AI, virtual/augmented reality) and agility empower us to seamlessly execute end-to-end projects entrusted to us by our clients. 

ALTEN’s functional sectors

Digital customer experience
  • B2C & B2B e-commerce sites (sale and rental of vehicles, services for local authorities, etc.)  
  • e-CRM platforms & digital strategy (customer management, marketing, etc.) 
Digital workplace
  • Business Applications (Compliance, CMMS, etc.)  
  • HR and Corporate Finance Information Systems  
  • Automation of Exchange Flow Processing (e.g., suppliers)  
  • Business Data Management Systems 
Smart services
  • Connected Services for Vehicles  
  • B2C Video Streaming Applications  
  • Payment Systems (e.g., payment systems) 

Our Success Stories

Drivers are increasingly likely to buy their vehicle online. To accompany this revolution, a European car manufacturer asked ALTEN to develop its e-commerce platform to sell vehicles and connected services.

LINCOLN (an ALTEN Group solution) has set up a Big Data delivery centre for one of the world’s largest communication groups. It measures and predicts the impact of each advertising campaign on the distributor’s sales from the department to the product level.

Analysing the user journey of more than 230,000 travel agents on their sales tool (a Front Office platform accessible via the cloud) has allowed ALTEN to implement an artificial intelligence solution to improve their business performance and user experience.

Connected speakers and smart voice assistants have become a must-have interface for IoT devices at home, opening up new perspectives in the voice business. ALTEN is helping to develop a virtual personal voice assistant at the core of an innovative project co-developed by two European telecommunications operators.

Producing more than 900 million product units every year, one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world charges ALTEN to develop a test automation framework for its Group Marketing applications: Digital Asset Management, B2C product design & production planning, and B2B Customer relationship management.



Lowe’s Companies, ADEO Group, Decathlon SA, Kohls, eBay, Sisal Group…

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McDonald’s, Air France Group, AccorHotels Group, Amadeus Group…


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