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Jochem started in February 2017 as Business Manager at ALTEN. He was looking for a job with more focus on people and process, instead of technical consultancy. He had already been a technical consultant for years, so he welcomed a change. Jochem was ambitious and wanted to take the next step. Unfortunately, at that time, ALTEN could not provide in his wishes. So, he decided to look elsewhere. But ALTEN and Jochem had always stayed in touch, so when the opportunity arose, Jochem returned home. Read all about his decision to come back@ALTEN.
My first adventure at ALTEN
“I first joined ALTEN in February 2017. Before that I worked as a consultant for a different company, mainly in technical roles.

After a while, I wanted to take a step back from the technique and focus more on people and processes. I thought a role as Business Manager would bring me what I was looking for and took that chance. However, after a few months I had to conclude that this was not the role for me. I was still enthusiastic about the company, and they were enthusiastic about me, so I didn’t want to leave. Together we found that the role as Project Manager in the ALTEN Delivery Centre (ADC) would be the best option.”

The next step
“I enjoyed that role very much. However, part of me always wanted to take a next step in scope and responsibility, yet again. At ALTEN this meant I had to become the ADC Manager, but that position was already taken, and it was unclear when the right opportunity would present itself.

This made me start looking around elsewhere. And at some point I found a role outside of ALTEN that seemed to be a perfect fit. So even though I really liked the company, the people and the role, I put my ambition first and left for another challenge.”

Staying in touch
“It is tradition to start your career at ALTEN with an elaborate lunch on the first day. This lunch, with all newcomers for that specific month, is a good way to get to know your manager and your colleagues. On my last day, I also had lunch with my Business Manager and Technical Manager. This shows that, even though ALTEN does not like to see you go, they want to wish you all the best for the future.

Because of this, it was obvious for me to stay in contact with my former colleagues and managers. Occasionally, I texted my former managers to see how they were doing. This led to ALTEN contacting me in December of last year, telling me that the role I wanted was now available. “Are you still interested?” Well, since I always liked the company and the people, and now my ideal role was available, this was not a hard decision!”

Coming home
“In total I was gone for a year and seven months before returning to ALTEN. Though there were some changes in the staff, most of the people I knew, were still here and it immediately felt like coming home.

The role as ADC Manager was new to me, though my previous role as Project Manager has a lot of similarities. As ADC Manager I am involved in more projects, and I can help more customers achieving their goals together with us. So far, I really enjoy being back at ALTEN. Of all the companies I worked for in my career, I like ALTEN the most. Now this is combined with the role I wanted for a few years, so I see myself working here for a long time coming!”

Jochem Kempkens
Manager ADC

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