Jantien ’s Testimonial XPERT Session


On March 30, 2021, the XPERT Session “Introduction to visual communication” will take place. The webinar will begin at 7:00 pm and will be presented by Jantien and Marieke. Below you can read the testimonial of Jantien:

“I am Jantien Doolaard, User Experience consultant at ALTEN Netherlands and worked the past 5 years on research and/or design projects in the technical branch. A good development or design process stands or falls with good communication, a shared vision and mutual understanding. It is fascinating how many different ways you can communicate, using visuals is one of them.

In the XPERT session ‘An introduction to visual communication for engineers’, Marieke and I talk about how you can apply visual communication in your daily work. I first came into contact with visualizing ideas and thoughts during my studies. I applied this from time to time, until I noticed that visualizing helped a lot in discussions or making plans while colleagues often stuck to writing instead of visualizing.

Why was that? I read several books about how you can make a visual point by communicating ‘differently than usual’ and therefore stand out more and applied these insights to my projects. I would like to share these insights with you! In the session we will apply the theory directly into practice and we will actively work with text, layout, objects and people in various visual exercises.

See you on March 30th!”

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