XPERT Session: Introduction to visual communication

Mar 30
Introduction to visual communication

As part of one of our core values, networkers in knowledge, sharing knowledge is a high priority at ALTEN. In a time where most thing are done remotely, ALTEN has decided to continue to pursue sharing this knowledge, but in an online form. Our XPERT Sessions originated from this idea. In these sessions, our experts share their professional knowledge in the form of webinars, where there is room for questions and discussion in order to learn optimally from each other. With these sessions, ALTEN offers a knowledge platform, compiled by and for experts.

Xpert Session: Introduction to visual communication

Are you an engineer and did you ever feel like you couldn’t keep up with your notes in a meeting? Or did you ever notice that two colleagues were thinking that they were talking about the same, but they actually weren’t? Or did you ever get the feeling to draw something on a whiteboard but you didn’t dare to because of your drawing skills? Feels familiar? Visual communication can support you with that!

We are organizing this digital introduction to visual drawing to give you hand holds to start using drawings in your everyday life. This workshop is specifically for engineers, so will contain various examples that software-, hardware- and test engineers could use for their daily activities.

First we will explain why and how you can benefit from using visuals in your communication. After that it’s time to get your hands dirty! Together we will work on a visual library you can use after the workshop and we will explain and practice how to structure and purposeful design your visuals to strengthen your stories.

Date: Tuesday the 30th of March

Time: 19:00h

Expected session lengths: approximately 1.5 hours. 

Needed equipment: Fine liner, pencil or pen and paper. Make sure you download the teams app on your mobile phone! 

You can register yourself for this event by filling in the form below. We’ll see you the 30th of March!

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