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How do you prevent supporting ICT systems from disrupting primary business processes? How do you maintain control of business risks caused by changes to ICT systems and business processes? Are you in control of your ICT?

ALTEN minimises the risks associated with business processes using our core competencies: software testing and Business Intelligence. Software testing safeguards quality during the entire life cycle of an automated system. Armed with years of experience, ALTEN focuses on software testing based on three aspects:

  • Is the automated system being built properly?
  • Is the correct system being built?
  • Does the system suit the business issues?

ALTEN´s customers benefit directly from our experience and expertise. Our services in the field of software testing include several current areas of attention. In each area of attention we combine the knowledge gained by projects and the people that carry out the projects in expertise groups. As a customer you notice this by the best practices recorded by the expertise groups. This allows you to quickly gain control and allows business processes to run smoothly.

ALTEN, the specialist in the field of Testing, has been included in the ALTEN organisation. Find out which services ALTEN offers in the field of Testing:

Agile and Scrum Testing

As a company you deliberately opt for an Agile / Scrum approach instead of the traditional waterfall methods.

For the test process it also makes a great difference if there are multidisciplinary teams that work on the basis of iterations. ALTEN has lots of experience with Agile and Scrum.

In this way we ensure that the test process fits in perfectly with the working method. When determining and recording functional specifications we bear in mind shorter development cycles. Testers are trained to switch more quickly to different roles. ALTEN has experience with Scrum projects in the following sectors:

  • Telecom
  • Facility services
  • Automotive

We will be glad to advise you on testing with Agile and Scrum. The ALTEN Academy also provides Scrum training for testers.

Test automation

Test automation does not have to be a complicated and long-winded process. ALTEN has developed a special framework for test automation, which supports several environments, testing and other tools.

This allows us to implement the test automation quickly and easily at any company.

The benefits of ALTEN’s framework for test automation:

  • Quick start by using custom function libraries
  • Scripting standards and recorded procedures
  • Proved to s쳮d with the right mix of internal and external staff
  • Coaching of internal staff on the job
  • Reliable and efficient
Performance testing

The performance of your systems are equal tot the performance of your organization.

With the increasing use of critical IT systems and e-commerce your systems are under increasing strain. In case of performance problems your IT system will be under scruteny. Changes go hand in hand with performance risks. Your company is constantly moving, standing still is no option. For instance:

  • New infrastructure or data centers
  • SAAS implementation
  • New software updates
  • The introduction of busy moments on your website, such as monthly payments

Do you recognize one of these situations? Do you acknowledge the risks? Our experienced performance consultants are the specialists you need.

Delivery Center Testing

Is your organization’s objective to reduce test costs and increase business satisfaction?

Ergo: less production incidents, lower system down time and higher quality of your IT systems? Or do you face the challenge to resource test projects or to outsource repetitive test activities? The ALTEN Delivery Center Testing can help you to achieve these challenges. We provide a complete portfolio of test services based on our proven method of structured testing of software.

Our test services include functional testing, non functional testingand test automation. The ALTEN resource pool contains experienced test experts who have worked for several different clients in the field of functional, non functional and test automation.


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