Continuous Integration


Many organisations have a difficult time with the roadmap to Continuous Integration (CI). It is important to know the following in order to optimise the CI environment within your organisation:

  • How mature is your current environment?
  • What steps have to be made to lift this to a higher level?

There are currently so many tools in the market that it is difficult to choose the one that suits your own organisation best. ALTEN offers you a structured approach in your current level is assessed first within the CI maturity matrix developed by ALTEN and what it is required to further develop your organisation further to the desired level. We formulate a comprehensive step-by-step plan that includes advice you will need for growing to the desired level. ALTEN can then support you during implementation.


  • How can I reduce rework?
  • How do I increase the quality of my code base?
  • How can I monitor the current status of my application?
  • How can I accelerate the time-to-market of the products?
  • How do I apply (automatic) tests (more effectively)?
  • How do I receive feedback more quickly?

The CI team consists of specialists who have knowledge of many open source and licensed environments and with ample experience in the area of configuration management. Every member of the CI team has his own speciality so that the best possible CI solution for your organisation can be delivered.

Continuous Integration is the process of building, integrating, testing and delivering software automatically. It has become clear that may problems arise especially when

integrating software. Problems can be identified quickly by performing this often and in a consistent environment. It is possible for example to guarantee the consistency and quality of the software.

There are many different techniques and tools available for setting up the CI process and developers are often already busy implementing certain techniques. You can assess this with the aid of the maturity matrix in order to gain an impression of the current situation within your organisation.


The CI Assessment was developed by ALTEN and provides you with quick insight into the possibilities of CI within your environment. The experienced CI team delivers deliverables determined in advance within a period that has been set.

They use for this purpose templates developed specifically by ALTEN, which are suitable for many different environments, including that of your organisation.

Maturity models make it possible to assess organisations on the basis of a clearly-defined benchmark in the area of methods and processes. The term maturity concerns the degree to which an organisation is able to move from an ad hoc process to an optimised process.

The maturity matrix distinguishes between several levels in which the teams can recognise themselves and provides insight into what is needed for improvement.

Are you curious about moving from Beginner to Expert without losing the organisation? ALTEN is pleased to assist you in this connection.