At the intersection of Business and Technology, Business Development, Recruitment and Management come together in the role of Business Manager at ALTEN. As a Business Manager, you will act as a key link between our clients and your team of consultants, with knowledge as your core business.

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As a Business Manager, you will focus on the following topics:

Business Development

Your goal is to develop a challenging customer portfolio, so that you and your team of highly trained consultants can realize the most challenging projects. You find it challenging to build long-term strategic partnerships with clients. You do this by both establishing new contacts with clients and managing existing relationships. It is very important to focus on the challenges of the client and to search for possible solutions together.


As a Business Manager, you work closely with the Recruitment team to build up an interesting network of talent. You think along on a strategic level and are actively involved in the selection of potential colleagues for your team. You conduct job interviews with candidates and know how to build your team of 15 to 20 technical professionals.


As a Business Manager, in order to realise the projects, you focus on supervising your team of highly educated technical consultants who carry out the projects. A consultant is a colleague who wants to develop and grow as a technical professional in a certain field. Together with a Technical Manager, you guide the Consultants from project to project and support them in the development of their personal and professional knowledge and skills. You will do this through progress and assessment interviews, our internal training academy and various events such as monthly meetings and knowledge sessions.

ALTEN is an international organisation. Business Managers attend the international AMPLIFY training course shortly after joining, where you will learn more about the various aspects of this role in an international network. You will meet Business Managers from other European countries, learn from their experiences and build an international network. One of the benefits of working in an international company like ALTEN.



Technical Management

A Technical Manager focuses primarily on the strategic development of long-term plans, focusing on the consultants and the clients. A Technical Manager has about one hundred consultants on the team and is present at every performance meeting to set out the consultant’s growth and development for the next year. All activities involving the gathering or dissemination of knowledge are led or supervised by a Technical Manager. This could include developing courses, coaching, publishing articles, speaking at conferences or educational institutions.

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