Data Policy for the Province


Data Policy for the Province

ALTEN is a strategic partner in the field of data policy for a larger province in the Netherlands. This province is committed every day to ensure a more beautiful, future-proof, and sustainable living environment. As a partner, ALTEN is instrumental for the province to work as an organization in a data-driven manner, and the province recognizes that a data platform such as a central data infrastructure is necessary to achieve this.

ALTEN activities

  • Realisation of an end-to-end cloud-based Data Platform solution, including creation of its architecture, developing the solution, and managing the project
  • Developing and publishing of custom APIs through Azure API Management
  • Setting up the data platform security
  • Setting up the data platform in a scalable manner for both efficiency and cost management
  • Scrum-based development of the data platform
  • Implementing technical governance measures for legislation and regulations, such as AVG, WOB, Archiefwet, ISO-27001/2 (Bio)
  • Management and monitoring of the data platform
  • Delivery of reports for mobility, spatial planning, and energy transition.

ALTEN added value


  • Implementation of the provincial data policy
  • Helping the organization to transition to work in a data-driven manner
  • Enable the province to spend more time analysing data than collecting data
  • Acceleration of projects because the necessary data is already available

Software and skills

  • MS Azure Cloud Platform
  • MS Azure SQL Database
  • MS PowerBI
  • MS Azure API Management
  • MS Azure Architecture
  • MS PowerBI embedded
  • NET portal
  • Scrum


A data platform in Microsoft Azure has been created that implements the province’s data policy and that gives insight in mobility, spatial planning, and energy transition. A strategic partnership between ALTEN and the province has been established in which the platform is improved and expanded by ALTEN teams as well as maintained in daily operation.


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