Smart Glasses IoT Development

Smart Glasses IoT Development

A European consortium developed the next generation smart glasses and asked ALTEN to realize an IoT solution to make use of the sensor data for health purposes.

The glasses are equipped with various sensors and via an app the user is provided with information about their environment (UV, temperature, humidity, etc.) and behaviour (adherence, neck posture, etc.) The information is collected in a cloud system for data analysis by a health professional.

ALTEN activities

ALTEN took responsibility for the work packages and developed, in collaboration with researchers from Italy, the entire software chain: firmware, algorithms, mobile applications, cloud storage, and data analysis.

  • Development of both high-level and low-level firmware to control the sensors in the glasses and process the data via algorithms.
  • Development of a mobile application (for both Android and iOS) to visualize the information to the user.
  • Setting up a Microsoft Azure Cloud data processing environment with insight via data reporting.
  • Execution of integration testing to check the complete product pipeline.

ALTEN added value Knowledge

  • Architecture; Version control; User interfaces; Algorithm Programming; Web services; Mobile Application development; Healthcare
  • Object oriented design; Design patterns; Scrum; Agile Software Development

Software and skills

  • Xcode; Git; Jenkins; Android studio; GitHub; Azure; Postman
  • Bluetooth; REST; Bluetooth low energy
  • Android; iOS
  • Java; HTML; CSS; jQuery; JSON; GSON; Swift 3; Swift 4


The consortium was able to launch a first version with 1000 pair of glasses successfully and ran many clinical trials with them.