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The Netherlands are a global hotspot for innovation. The development of new technologies is costly and requires specialist knowledge. ALTEN is the consulting and engineering organization working in various (niche) markets for the high tech sector and ICT. The high-tech sector consists of several closely interconnected manufacturing industries, such as the machine and systems industries, automotive and aerospace.Knowledge in the field of technology plays an important role, thé central pillar within ALTEN.
ALTEN also converts her specialist knowledge in the field of IT, an important sector in the Netherlands. Quality and reliability, innovations in the area of ​​Big Data and Internet of Things, in which we play an active role with our partners in order to strengthen the digital economy of the Netherlands.

ALTEN Nederland is a leading company in Technology Consulting and Engineering. Technology is the central pillar of our organisation. Our customers are leading technically oriented companies from all business sectors: industry, defense, traffic & transportation, telecom and finance. For these companies we are working at various projects, where Alten is distinguished by:

  • locations over the entire territory: Eindhoven, Capelle a/d IJssel, Amstelveen and Apeldoorn;
  • A diversified and well-balanced product and service supply, from consulting to full project realisation in service centre mode;
  • Expertise in Technology and IT providing the ability to operate in all business sectors

ALTEN Nederland today has sound references and real experience with the development and production of some of the most advanced, accurate and intelligent machines. ALTEN is proud to innovate in the Netherlands in these markets.




  • Eindhoven

    Hurksestraat 45
    5652 AH

    T : +31 (0)40 2560 3080
  • Capelle a/d IJssel

    Fascinatio Boulevard 582
    2909 VA

    T : +31 (0)10 463 7700
  • Apeldoorn

    Linie 544
    7325 DZ

    T : +31 (0)55 548 6200
  • Amstelveen

    Prof. W.H. Keesomlaan 1
    1183 DJ

    T : +31 (0)88 170 95 91

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