The telecom sector is undergoing a huge transformation through a combination of effects, such as new entrants (service providers such as Google, Apple and MVNO virtual operators) and the explosion of data that is necessary to make global broadband networks work at the highest level.

Moreover, the EU step towards harmonizing the European Telecommunications landscape will accelerate the trend towards operator concentration. This promotes the development of technical companies that have demonstrated their ability to deliver transnational turnkey telecom projects. In order to meet these wishes and needs, ALTEN has set up a dedicated European organization with more than 2000 specialized Telecom engineers. We carry out projects for both mobile, fixed and internet, often on the boundary between technology and the business. Our expertise in the field of business critical systems plays an important role in this.

The technological challenges for the future are enormous, from inter-operability between operators’ networks to the roll-out of 5G and the associated applications are major challenges in Telecom. They create engineering requirements in all areas, from the design and testing of production and equipment, to network commissioning, areas in which the ALTEN Group is positioned.