Technical Testing

To measure (test) is to know

Test Engineering is the field of expertise focused on validating and verifying software and information systems, or measuring the quality of a system. In doing so, it is necessary to make carefully considered decisions. The right balance between test effort and (hedged) risks are the main focus in this. Alten considers this balance the basis for a good test strategy. The quality of the system is important here: do the delivered results meet the requirements? However, non-functional requirements, such as reliability, robustness, scalability and speed, must also be taken into consideration.

Testing at Alten means verifying and analysing good requirements, drawing up test plans and test designs, using the right test techniques, where possible the automation of testing, the execution of testing and reporting on the progress and the issues and risks.

Alten is the first and only company worldwide that is allowed to call itself an ISTQB Global Partner; a confirmation of our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Test Engineering.

In the field of testing we offer support in four areas:

Test engineering

All our test engineers, test coordinators and test managers are ISTQB certified, which enables them to support you in setting up and executing your Test Strategy.

Test Automation

Are you considering (partly) automating Testing in your organisation? Then Alten can advise you on what can and cannot be automated.

Alten has extensive experience with test automation possibilities and tools, which we can even develop for you. This not only saves you time, but also significantly reduces the risk of mistakes.

Test Process Improvement

Do you wish to improve the quality of your systems and your business processes? Alten has developed a system with which the current status of the test process can be measured and can subsequently offer recommendations on what your options for optimisation are.

By means of a plan of action, you can optimise your Test programme and business processes.

Usability Testing

In recent years, the user experience has become increasingly more important. Applications need to be intuitive, easy to use and even look appealing.

The Usability Test Experts of Alten can support you in evolving your product by means of Usability Testing so that it meets the needs and demands optimally.