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Software Quality Improvement

Software Engineering CycleLearn more

The software engineering cycle consists of all necessary activities for constructing software of good quality, such as analysis, design, architecture, implementation, testing, evaluation and maintenance of software and information systems.

Over time, the code and architecture are altered in order to adapt to the continuously changing wishes from both a business and a technological perspective.

ArchitectureLearn more

The basis of an easily maintainable software system is a solid and coherent architecture. However, even in places where there has been a clearly described and well-thought-out architecture from the start, erosion does occur.

The consequence of this is that the desired and necessary adjustments become increasingly difficult to realise, taking more time and bringing along the risk of mistakes. The productivity of the company and its employees are then in jeopardy.

SQI methodLearn more

Using the Software Quality Improvement (SQI) method, Alten can provide an objective overview of the status quo of the built implementation. This provides an overview of the architecture and the internal mutual dependencies without having to investigate the functional implementation.

In just a limited amount of time, the first quick wins can then already be made visible. On the basis of this, decisions on possible adjustments can be substantiated for the short and the long term.

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