Boost Your Career

What is a Boost Your Career meeting?
During a BYC meeting we will take a deep dive into your career path. We will do this by focussing not only on your current role, but also by looking at the steps you made before that, and looking at the future to discuss where you want to go. Subsequently we will, based on your expertise, abilities, and ambitions, discover which development suits your carreer the best.

So, are you someone who:

  • Is looking for more challeng in your work?
  • Feels like you are ready for the next step in your career?
  • Simply is curious to what ALTEN can offer you?

Is your answer to one of these questions yes? Then continue reading!

How can ALTEN help?
At ALTEN we have a lot of experience with guiding people in their career. Every consultant follows a personally tailored career path, in which ALTEN guides and coaches them. Next to that, we also continuously speak to candidates who are looking for a new job. During job interviews we always go in with a broad view, and look further than just the possibilities within ALTEN. Because of all this experience with the coaching of internal employees as well as advising possible candidates, we have a lot of knowledge in this aspect.

Why do we do this?
Seeing as we from ALTEN are ‘Networkers in Knowledge’, we like to share our expertise from several areas with others – others like you.
Obviously we will also tell you more about the core business from ALTEN. Who knows, we might have thé perfect challenge which you are looking for! The core business of ALTEN exists of two main parts: Technology and IT. You can go either way with us. It is not a job interview though, so if your interests are more related to a role outside of ALTEN, we will of course discuss this further with you also.

Who can apply?
These meetings are especially interesting for people with  at least 2-3 years working experience who are motivated to keep challenging themselves and who want to continue to develop and grow. This can be in the area of Technology, Mechatronics, Life Sciences and IT.  Where can you go? 
You are welcome in one of our offices (Capelle a/d IJssel, Eindhoven, Amstelveen, Apeldoorn or Groningen), but the meeting can also be digital or by phone. The choice is yours.

The meeting is completely without obligaitons. Are you interested in a personal ‘Boost your Career’ coaching meeting? Fill in the form down below to sign up! We will contact you soon enough to make an appointment.