Flexible Services

Both competence outsourcing and agile projects we offer based on a service contract. Competence outsourcing is a service form intended for the longer term . A team that builds up and retains knowledge, so that in the ADC you have a long-term partner for the realisation of your road map. It is a continuous commitment with a flexible scope, focused on competence.

Agile projects are about a short-term commitment of a project team. It is focused on realising value for you during every sprint of the project. The contents of each sprint are determined by your wishes and needs. The project can be extended as long as you want to add new functionality. Flexibility therefore in both scope and duration.

Fixed-price projects are characterised by a clear, agreed-upon end goal. Both scope and budget are set in advance. This service form is also a short-term commitment of a project team, now focused on a predetermined result. If agile projects are chosen for their flexibility to add and change wishes and requirements, fixed-price projects are based on set requirements that can only be changed after mutual consultation and with additional budget.