Environmental Cleaning Robots

For a machine manufacturer in the agricultural sector, ALTEN developed applications for their manure-cleaning robot. The robot drives autonomously between the cows in the barn following a map and route created by technicians of the client.

The robot does not push manure but vacuums it. This not only makes for a cleaner floor, but it also ensures the cows’ hooves remain cleaner. This improves both the health and the well-being of the animals.

The original tool that allows the technicians to create and (re)configure a map and route was very difficult and time-consuming to use, so ALTEN was asked to create a releasable and maintainable product.

ALTEN activities

ALTEN started with a design analysis and requirements collection, leading to a definition of an initial set of product features with a platform selection and a software architecture and framework selection.

In the next phase, ALTEN developed subsequent product releases in close cooperation with the client’s engineers and stakeholders.

  • Prototype features to mitigate technical risks
  • Develop frontend and backend software
  • Test the application in combination with the robot
  • Provide insights on progress, budget, and planning

ALTEN added value Knowledge

  • Requirements engineering
  • Software architecture and architectural reviews
  • Web technologies
  • Agile software development

Software and skills

  • React, TypeScript
  • C# .NET (Maui)
  • Bluetooth, SVG, XML


The software features have been delivered successfully in several releases. The design and development are continuously being shared with the client.