Training: Code smells & Refactoring

The only way to keep an acceptable software development velocity and quality level is by keeping the design in a good state. The ‘Code smells & refactoring’ training shows participants the effects of an unmaintainable design and how to prevent them by recognizing the causes which will ultimately lead to a low quality design, the so called ‘bad smells’.

First the participants learn how to recognize the patterns in the code which will lead to lower quality design, including the concepts of ‘software rot’ and ‘technical debt’. Then they will be shown how to remove the ‘bad smells’ from excisting code by applying refactoring techniques. By making small, structured changes to the code, the behavior of the application will remain the same, while the structur will become maintainable. Unit testing plays an important role in verifying the application’s behavior.

The training is practical with many realistic code examples and exercises.


  • introduction – software rot, technical debt, code smells
  • Systematic improvement by refactoring
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Typical code smells: bloat, oo abusers, change preventers, dispensable, couplers and more…

Prior knowledge:

Basic knowledge of Object Oriented design and some practice in an Object Oriented language (C++, C#, Java). Understanding basic UML is preferred, but not necessary.

Duration, number of participants and location

The training consists of one full day. The maximum number of participants is ten. It is possible to take the training at one of our training centers or on-site at your company.


The rate will be calculated upon request, depending on the location and the number of participants. Please contact our Academy at an office in your region, send an e-mail  or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

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