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Technical Software

One of the specialties of ALTEN is technical software engineering.

Our customers are leading technically oriented companies in a wide variety of market sectors, such as industry, telecom and traffic & transportation market. For these companies we work with highly skilled consultants at innovative technical developments. Our work is divided over following work fields:

Embedded SystemsLearn more

Reliability implicitly means that high demands are made on embedded systems or in-product software.

In addition, we have to use our hardware knowledge to handle the available resources such as memory and processor capacity with the utmost of care.

So, when developing software an engineer must take these preconditions into account from the specification to the trial run.

Simulation & ModellingLearn more

Projects on the cutting edge between software engineering and one or more scientific disciplines need a multidisciplinary approach.

These projects are often characterized by their high mathematical quality and appear in all market sectors, such as in the development of medical devices, either geotechnical and environmental systems for hydraulic engineers or the oil and gas industry.

Monitoring & ControlLearn more

The development of real-time systems such as operating systems for traffic and transport, or for aviation and space travel requires a thorough approach, which has to put emphasis on accuracy and reliability.

ALTEN engineers are well versed in the working methods required for the development of real-time systems.

Business Critical SystemsLearn more

The functionality of some applications found in the administrative environment of a company is so crucial to the continuity of its operational management that developing this functionality needs an “engineer’s-approach”.

ALTEN is the ideal partner to contribute to these kinds of systems on a project basis or otherwise.

Range of services

Consultancy & Engineering Based on individual knowledge and skills our employees provide a solution for your question.
Work packages ALTEN takes over full development at one of our Service Centers.
Projects Fixed appointments on time, money and the results to be delivered in the context of a project.