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ALTEN is a well-established technology and innovation partner that provides research and development support to customers across a variety of industries, including semiconductor, energy and utilities, agrotechnology, transport, aerospace, defense, and automotive. Although we have global reach, we pride ourselves on our local expertise, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that address the unique technology challenges facing our clients.

Our team of software engineers are skilled in designing and developing cutting-edge systems that are built to last. Combining our expertise in core technology areas with our IT and hardware skills, we relish taking on challenging engineering projects for our clients. We also offer consultancy services across all technology areas, and our ALTEN Delivery Center (ADC) houses a dedicated team of specialists who manage in-house projects from planning and design through to realization and support.



Service Areas

Application Software Learn more


Our software engineers, architects and UX designers possess extensive experience in full-stack, backend, and frontend development, utilizing the latest languages, frameworks, and tooling available. We specialize in designing and building scalable, flexible, and robust applications that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team understands the importance of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) in modern software development, and we integrate these practices into our development processes from the outset. By doing so, we ensure that our applications are developed in a way that supports the ecosystems in which they will be deployed, ultimately delivering more reliable and effective solutions for our clients.


  • Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Full-stack
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • API
  • C++, C#, Java, and Python
  • CI/CD
Embedded SoftwareLearn more


Our team of embedded software engineers boasts extensive experience in programming for a wide range of chips. We recognize that many organizations require specialized hardware and software, and we are dedicated to helping them produce efficient and robust software that operates seamlessly within their products’ limited resources. Our engineers are skilled in low-level programming, with a deep understanding of the hardware and an expertise in control and real-time systems. With this knowledge, we provide tailored solutions that enable our clients to meet their specific requirements and deliver superior products to their customers.


  • C and C++ development
  • Embedded Linux development
  • Driver development
  • Electronic system design
  • Application development on embedded systems
Scientific SoftwareLearn more


Our team of scientific software engineers boasts a diverse array of technical backgrounds, and possesses extensive expertise across multiple engineering and scientific disciplines. With this combination of skills, our engineers are uniquely positioned to develop highly advanced modeling and simulation software that delivers exceptional results and is built to last. We work closely with our clients to develop software systems that simulate and model their physical systems, providing valuable insights into their specific problem domains. Given the inherently interdisciplinary nature of scientific software, we take a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that our solutions are robust, scalable, and tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


  • Numerical modelling
  • High performance computing
  • Algorithm development
  • C, C++, Fortran
  • GPU computing
  • Scientific Visualization, 2D & 3D graphics
Control SoftwareLearn more


At Control Software, our focus is on creating cutting-edge software solutions for achieving automation and autonomy in a variety of environments, such as factories, public spaces, and roads. Our team of experts specializes in software development, and possesses extensive knowledge and experience in enhancing automation and control capabilities. With their proficiency in developing innovative software, they can create new robots from scratch and repurpose existing technologies and platforms in unique ways to meet specific needs. Our team also boasts a deep expertise in the field of vision, which enables us to create advanced algorithms for self-driving cars and automating processes using robotic manipulators.


  • Control engineering
  • Vision
  • ROS
  • Motion design
  • Robotics
Technical Testing Learn more


Our test engineers have expertise in various testing fields and specialize in technical testing. They understand the importance of validating a system’s functionality and performance in real-world scenarios. They use techniques like hardware-in-a-loop testing, which simulates real-world hardware interactions to ensure the system works seamlessly.

Our approach to quality assurance involves not only verifying that the automated system is built correctly, ensuring it aligns with business objectives but also validating the system’s technical functionality. With most organizations adopting agile methodologies, our testers have adapted their practices to ensure efficient delivery. This includes greater emphasis on test automation and continuous integration and delivery practices to reduce testing cycles and improve overall product quality.


  • Technical testing
  • Test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Test management
  • Quality assurance
  • ISTQB partnership

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