Laser-guided LED Placement


Together with a manufacturer of pick-and-place-machines, ALTEN worked on the development of new system that uses lasers, instead of the traditional methods, to place LEDs.

As the resolution of screens becomes higher and higher, the accurate placement of LEDs for backlighting or screen pixels becomes harder and harder. One of the limiting factors in making the transition from mini-LED to micro-LED placement is the size and speed of the placement method itself. When having to place over two million LEDs of less than 100µm2, traditional pick-and-place methods are either too bulky or too slow. We supported the development of a system using a laser to launch LEDs from a wafer onto the placement substrate, reducing movement and removing the need for a mechanical placement head.

ALTEN activities

  • Redesign of the power train to power the laser unit.
  • Electrical redesign of power distribution and general cabling of the machine.
  • Interface design of the laser control in hardware.
  • Design of the safety system to create a laser class 1 system from a class 4 laser.
  • PL ‘e’ safety design and calculations.
  • Mechanical redesign of the wafer carrier stage.

ALTEN added value Knowledge

  • Power engineering up to 10kW
  • PCBA Design
  • Cable design and routing
  • CE for laser safety
  • 3D mechanical design and testing
  • Agile project development/ SCRUM

Software and skills

  • Zuken E3
  • Altium
  • PILZ Multi Configurator
  • Siemens NX, Teamcenter


In collaboration with the client’s internal team, a functional system has been developed for performance and endurance tests. The system has passed certification by TüV Rheinland and has been taken into production.