Industrial Automation

We find ourselves in the fourth Industrial Revolution . A period in which more and more machines take over work which deems to be unpleasant, too exhausting or unsafe and gain because of work pressure lowers, work is more ergonomically, production increases and quality improvements. The fourth Industrial Revolution is also called Industry 4.0 and in the Netherlands referred to as ‘Smart industry’ . By enabling real-time data exchange between automation and manufacturing systems like cyber-physical systems, Internet of things, etcetera. For applying:

  • Machine Learning
  • Process Optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Anomaly detection

From an Industrial Automation point-of-view we support Industry 4.0 with the choice of technology, availability of information from sensors and data . Having knowledge and experience on:

  • PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
  • DCS – Distributed Control System
  • HMI – Human Machine Interface
  • SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Our consultants can support you by t aking out work out of your hands and streamline processes . Consulting in applying V-model and Agile . And if necessary direct you to Scaled Agile. With the knowledge of our consultants you will have the support of ALTEN and services to reach the next step.

Taking care for a more incorporated level of working between Electrical Engineering and MES / ERP by thinking outside the box and be more multi-disciplined. Keeping an open communication with stakeholders.

We are ready to support you with every automation question you can deliver.