Data Strategy and Policy

ALTEN StrategyThe motto “Data is the new oil” is increasingly putting established organisations and existing earning models under pressure. Organisations that fail to follow this trend may be at risk in the long term. Although the possibilities of this new “industrial revolution” may be endless, the time and money available to organisations is not.

Organisations have to make sound and financially viable decisions when it comes to launching new initiatives. They also have to establish the order and objectives of these initiatives. Sufficient people with the necessary knowledge and experience as well as the right attitude are another requirement to ensure a timely and successful transformation. This is why many organisations establish a partnership with external parties. Alten is one of those parties who can help you by using their knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Vision and strategy
We support organisations in developing an inspiring vision for the future which is aligned with the corporate mission and translate this vision into a specific data strategy with measurable objectives.

The second step in a successful transformation is to translate strategic objectives into a clear and structured policy with regard to issues such as:

  • Governance with clearly defined roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • Application of methods and techniques for the use of available data
  • Future-proof data and information management
  • Flexible and robust software platform and infrastructure


Together with the client, we will develop a multiphase roadmap that will focus on the following:

  • People and culture (organisation)
  • Governance
  • Technology
  • Functionality

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