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When integrating BI & Analytics into business processes at companies and (semi-public) organisations, questions arise at the interface between business and ICT:
– Does the BI system have the right quality level? And how can you safeguard this quality?
– How do you remain in control of the BI environment?
– How do you ensure that data can be shared without trouble?

ALTEN builds bridges between business and ICT, allowing you to be and remain in control of the supply of information, both on a technical and an organisational level! Our professionals have lots of experience with every aspect of the field of expertise. Not only do they have sound technical knowledge, they can also turn a question into a solution on a process-related and organisational level.

ALTEN, the specialist in the field of BI & Analytics, is concluded in de ALTEN organization. Check through the links below which services ALTEN offers in the field of BI & Analytics.

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Modular architecture

How can you ensure that the Business Intelligence environment is consistent with current governance guidelines?

ALTEN has developed a modular BI solution to enable companies to stay in control. During industrial processes, part products are made which are assembled elsewhere; each organ in the human body has its own specific function. In the same way, a Business Intelligence environment reaps its own benefits from a modular architecture.

The benefits of our modular approach:

  • The BI environment is manageable since the functions are clearly defined
  • The cause of an error can be immediately identified resulting in a quicker solution and lower maintenance costs
  • Process management and anticipating current and future developments are simple and manageable
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Many organisations already have adequate information provision in place and are ready for the next step. The focus shifts from looking back to looking ahead.

Predictive Analytics or predicting what is going to happen is currently the challenge for many organisations. However, prediction is nothing new. We have been predicting the future for years, with weather forecasts, economic models and risk models. What is new, however, is that technology has come such a long way in recent years that it is now available and applicable to a wide range of people.

The data landscape is changing too. Whereas the focus until recently was on information from the internal organisation, more data from outside of the organisation is required to be able to anticipate the future. Sensor data, open data, app data and unstructured data. This collective data is also known as ‘Big Data’.

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Data is the new oil: an asset that allows organisations to generate a lot of (potential) business. An optimum use of data requires a broad range of measures that contribute to effective control over the complete data lifecycle.

At the same time, the data must be available and accessible for authorised people and systems and protected against unauthorised access or modification. A suitable governance solution must be tailor-made and asks for a phased approach to enable the data to be embedded in your day-to-day processes and systems.

The following are important components of Data Governance:

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ALTEN is a Business Intelligence service provider.

We design and devlop Business Intelligence systems and have the most current knowledge of these technical environments: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft BI, Microsoft SQL Server. Besides these techiques ALTEN also has her own instruments develeped to speed up projects and increase the quality:

  • Methodology for Business Informatiion Analysis (BIA)
  • Generating rtechnology te generate ETL software
  • Roadmap which translates the companies strategy to an information strategy.

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