Data Quality

ALTEN Data QualityIs garbage in garbage out causing you problems too? Many companies working with a Business Intelligence system feel they have to settle for poorer data quality which is a shame and completely unnecessary. ALTEN’s validation module ensures optimum cooperation between ICT and business so that data quality becomes achievable. ALTEN’s validation module is based on the following three principles:

  • Quality criteria
    The business is responsible for the data quality data
  • Cooperation
    ICT works together with business for quick identification of poor quality
  • Checking
    Following a quality criteria check, the validation module generates a report showing any deviations to the agreements to safeguard data quality

This way ICT can fully support the business when it comes to improving data quality. At the same time, the business remains ultimately responsible. Thanks to the validation module, companies have the correct information to clearly define responsibilities and manage the business successfully.

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