ALTEN new sponsor Lunar Zebro

Lunar Zebra ALTEN

We are over the moon….since today we are announcing our new collaboration with Lunar Zebro . ALTEN Nederland will not only be a partner for the Lunar Zebro Project, but also for IGLUNA2021 mission, a field campaign in Switzerland. Our experienced consultants will guide the team with their technical approach, and ensure that the #software meets the highest quality standards, through our know-how in technical software and testing.


Lunar Zebro is developing the smallest and lightest moon rover, which will land on the moon in Q4 2022. A trip to the moon is rare. But this decade has seen a revolution, with government and the private sector not shying away from thinking big and helping to create a niche market in the aerospace industry, with ISRU (in-situ resource utilisation) concepts at its centre. These mission concepts keep scientific studies as a driving force for their initial phases.

Lunar Zebro will provide one of the first flight data for study. Its specially designed legs and motion algorithm can remove the upper layers of the lunar surface and, through its camera system, gather information on how the depth of the lunar regolith changes from one point to another.

More information can be found on the Lunar Zebro website.

We look forward to a productive collaboration with Lunar Zebro! In the pictures, the sponsorship agreement is signed by (from top to bottom): Eric Haesen (Regional Director ALTEN Benelux) and Chris Verhoeven (Associate Professsor TU-Delft and Project Director Lunar Zebro).