IoT: from sensor to analytics

ALTEN is convinced that it is possible to accelerate the realization of your IOT environment by means of pre-configured solutions. The differences in data (quality) and objectives in terms of business value of organizations are often so large that it is not realistic to expect one-size-fits-all solutions.

ALTEN is one of the few service providers in the Netherlands that build customized end-to-end IOT solutions. We develop software for the sensors, mobile apps and we can realize cloud solutions with advanced analytics by means of pre-configured accelerators in a short space of time. With the support of standardized solutions for securing your data, a deployment procedure for additional devices and monitoring of the platform you can implement your own IOT environment within a few days.

ALTEN will then help you to set up your sensors, unlock and integrate machine data (possibly with data from your ERP systems), and realize custom algorithms, alerts and reports.

What is IoT Accelerate?
IoT Accelerate is a preconfigured IoT solution which enables organizations to start with IoT and make use of our broad experience in the market.
IoT Accelerate finds the perfect balance between standardized functionality and the possibility to tailor the solution to your specific business needs. Our extensive knowledge of IoT sensors and cloud technology is unique in the market.