Central Data Platform

The data platform will make data available for various applications within your company, including data provision to websites, mobile apps, data-driven services for a modern customer approach, predictive algorithms, direct control of machinery, as well as business intelligence reports. Availability of data will make all of these possible. This means that data within your company is a valuable asset. And of course you want to manage valuable assets wisely and efficiently. Data governance and management are crucial.

ALTEN Centraal DataplatformThe services of ALTEN will guarantee a flexible, safe and manageable solution. To achieve maximum results we would prefer to build your data platform in the cloud.

Our Data Solution Architects are happy to think along with you about the best design of your solution. We would like to talk about the options for processing, saving and publishing data. Our specialists know what best suits your specific situation. Our Data Engineers will support your realization and the ALTEN Delivery Center will be happy to manage the platform for you.

Data Science Maturity Scan
Why not try the Data Science Maturity Scan. It will only take 3-5 minutes to show the extent to which your organization meets critical criteria with respect to Data, Organization, Technology and Governance.

Data Science Maturity Scan