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Choosing ALTEN

For 30 years, ALTEN has consistently grown its business by staying true to the core values that have built the company’s success.

Engineering expertise, customer focus, a proven quality management system and a culture of excellence have made ALTEN the market leader in technology consulting & engineering and a major player in IT services in France and Europe.
We know that the men and women who have built our company’s brand are our greatest asset. ALTEN offers young consultants an enriching first career experience and provides a range of opportunities for more seasoned professionals to gain specialised technology expertise and hone their project and people management skills.

ALTEN is an ideal place for bright engineers to discover hidden talents and fast-track their careers in high technology. Each year, hundreds of ALTEN consultants have the opportunity to step up to challenging technical projects for our clients, consistently creating value on some of their most strategic projects in industry and the services sector.
We are committed to diversity in the workforce, a hands-on style of local management, and a company-wide career management process that actively promotes professional growth and development.

Strategically located in close proximity to many of the largest clients in France and Europe, we offer our employees exceptional opportunities for mobility across sectors, career paths and geographies. And our shared culture of innovation and creativity provides an ideal environment for our staff to achieve their own ambitions and career goals.


At ALTEN, we believe in growing together!


ALTEN develops processes to identify skills and expectations so as to ensure that its projects closely match its employees’ desires.

The ALTEN HR process (Peformance & Coaching Cycle) is based on three types of interview: an annual assessment, follow-up interviews and career interviews.

This dynamic, cross departmental and transnational career management ensures the constant evolution, both horizontally and vertically, of the group’s employees working in the managerial and technical fields, opening up new prospects for their professional development.

We are all committed !