UX design

User Interaction Design. Technology made usable.

The developments in the field of User Interaction Design are quickly succeeding each other. Even in the high-tech industry this discipline plays an increasingly large role and, meanwhile, Alten has built up a broad expertise in this specific area.


What does User Interaction Design mean?

Interaction Design is a design discipline focussed on the point at which humans and systems meet. It defines structure and creates products and applications that are useful, helpful and meaningful for the people that use them. Specifically focused on the design of applications, the interaction design mainly describes the interaction between the user and the system. How is the content presented? In what manner does the navigation function? In what manner will the (complex) tasks be executed? How will the user reach his/her goal? In summary: what is where, how does it work and why?



  • We identify what the user needs, wishes to have and what he/she considers important in your system
  • We ensure that user-friendliness and user experience are paid attention to in the entire development process, during which we often come to new insights concerning functionality and the presentation
  • We deliver a complete design that displays your system interactions and graphic design
  • Our solid designs prevent complaints and mistakes, thus ensuring an increased productivity and a positive user experience


In between technology and use

Our years of experience with high tech and our designers’ background in user-friendly designs allow us to make your technological solution workable. In this manner we ensure the acceptance of systems by a broad range of technical and non-technical users.