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The world becomes more and more digital everyday. No company or (governmental) organisation can escape making investments in its digital landscape to stay up-to-date and remain competitive. A growing number of companies can even call itself ‘digital natives,’ arisen in the digital age with a focus on digitalisation and automation. These digital natives, mostly start-ups and scale-ups, often lead in innovation, flexibility, and agility. More and more, these new companies are able to be a formidable competitor of the established companies in the enterprise world. This means the established order must question the resilience of its existing business model. They are forced to adapt. For these ‘old’ companies, that have been around for decades, it’s a necessity to get rid of their excess weight and to reduce their dependency on outdated technology. Digital transformation and automation of internal processes, where possible, are the key words.

The right partners with the right skills are a must in helping companies through the often extensive digital transformation. Such a partner has knowledge, experience, and specialisation, and must be willing and able to take responsibility.

ALTEN Software & Cloud Engineering specialises in supporting enterprises on their full digital transformation journey. Software & Cloud Engineering acts as the focal point within the ALTEN Group, connecting all expertise domains in order to deliver full end-to-end solutions to our customers.

We help organisations on their digital transformation in these four areas:

  • Digital Experience – ‘Building and maintaining class-leading applications’
  • Process Transformation – ‘Showing, doing together, and doing independently’
  • Cloud & Data Platforms – ‘Getting the fundamentals right’
  • IoT – ‘From sensors to meaningful information’
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ALTEN Digital Transformation

Building and maintaining class-leading applications

  • Front-end Development
  • Backend Development
  • Application Integration
  • Low-Code Development

The success of your applications depend on their user experience. For us this is what Digital Experience is about. This experience consists of how an application looks and how intuitively it works, of course. But it goes deeper than that. Because underneath the surface everything should work smoothly and be properly connected. That’s why both front-end and backend are domains that we offer. And when you take up both, you take up integration. Full stack is what we do. We use the languages and platforms that fit a solution best. We take advantage of the possibilities the latest developments have to offer. These can be the newest JavaScript frameworks, using containers, or low-code development. We look at what suits your requirements best.

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Showing, doing together, doing independently

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • DevOps engineering & consultancy

The developments in software engineering that are coming in quick succession have opened up new worlds, making individuals more effective and efficient. The supporting processes in software development teams play an essential role. Ideally, developers should be able to work in a single code base, seamlessly and in an integrated way (Continuous Integration: CI). Furthermore, deploying software to test and production environments automatically (Continuous Delivery: CD) is an essential step to reduce bottlenecks in the development process. This means that more and more responsibility for the application is shouldered by the development teams that build or maintain them. Now we touch upon DevOps, meaning that teams who create the software are also responsible for maintaining it. This requires know-how and skills other than solely software engineering. Expertise like infrastructure, connectivity, cloud, or middleware.

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Getting the fundamentals right

  • Cloud Platform Engineering
  • Data Platform Engineering

Applications need a solid foundation in order to function, and cloud is more and more used as this foundation. A growing number of companies take the step towards this form of hosting because of its ease, its flexibility, and its scalability. The idea is, just like electrical power taken out of a wall socket, to buy computing power, memory, and storage as required, and to run IT systems on them. Moving environments from your own servers to the cloud, however, doesn’t necessarily mean everything gets easier. The right selections determine if you take full advantage of all that cloud has to offer. This is true for cloud as an infrastructure, but also true for the BI platforms or Big Data environments that run on a public or private cloud.

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From sensors to meaningful information

  • Applications and business integration
  • API
  • Privacy and security

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a large stream of data. You can use this to gain insight in and to optimise your business processes. Central pillars of your IoT solution are using this information in applications, interfaces, and portals, and integrating it in your business solutions through APIs. Our premise is that security starts at the gate, but doesn’t end there.


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