Meet ALTEN Eindhoven

Meet ALTEN in Eindhoven
Would you like to know which opportunities there are for you in the region of Eindhoven? Come to our office on the 10th of October and Meet ALTEN!

During this evening you can meet our engineers and managers. Of course we will make sure there is enough to eat and drink. These colleagues will take you into their world of consultancy:

The collaboration between UX and Test – Dave
Software Testing and User Experience Design are two completely different disciplines that in practice are intertwined. Both serve a common purpose: developing high-quality products. After finishing his study in 2012, Dave started working as a consultant. Dave will shed light on how these two disciplines overlap and how development teams can profit from the collaboration between the UX designer and test engineer.

Medical Imaging – Michel
Michel started as a consultant for ALTEN in 2010 and has since worked on multiple projects with different teams consisting of multiple disciplines. Thanks to his broad interest, also for other areas and fields, this is a great opportunity for knowledge expansion and interaction. He is currently working on a project where he’s working on a medical imaging application that is used during minimal invasive heart surgery for device navigation. During this session he will elaborate what it entails to develop, integrate and process the different imaging streams and how this supports the surgeon during the operation.

Industrial Automation – Rik
After succesfully completing his graduation internship at ALTEN, Rik applied at ALTEN as a consultant to kick-start his professional career and gain experience at different companies. ALTEN was the right fit for Rik, as his passion for sharing knowledge relates well with the philosophy of ALTEN. He will gladly tell you more about Industrial Automation within ALTEN and, in particular, about Digital Twins.

AI in Practice – Jacco
Ever since his study in Software Science, Jacco has been interested in Artificial Intelligence and its technical aspects. In the three years that Jacco has worked for ALTEN he’s learned to apply these skills in business environments. He will share how he discovered that communication and consultancy skills are just as important to get things done as the technical aspects of the field, especially in the domain of AI.

A Career Lay-out – Robert
Just like there are many different routes in order to get from A to B on a circuit board, you can plan your career at ALTEN by either widening the field, or go deep and use multiple layers. Besides developing hardware and embedded software, you also design your own career path. Robert has been part of our team since 2015 and developed himself as Consultant in the field of Embedded System Design, FPGA’s, and PCB lay-out among other things. He will gladly share with you the lay-out of his career up to this point.

Mechatronics and Computer Vision – Jordi
Two years ago Jordi came to work at ALTEN with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and experience in Image Processing and Robotics. He feels comfortable with the diversity which mechatronics provides and is currently our export in the field of Computer Vision. As Consultant he’s worked on an image recognition prototype, was lecturer at Fontys, and currently develops software as a Functional Developer. Jordi will tell you everything about the diversity of Mechatronics and how you can find your challenge in this field as a Consultant.

Are you interested in one (or more) of these subjects and would you like to know more? Please register now. We are looking forward to meeting you on October 10th between 17:00h – 21:00h.


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