Mechatronics & Robotics

Mechatronics & Robotics

ALTEN supports its clients in the field of Mechatronics in developing and improving their products, using the latest technologies. We take into account the wishes of the client and the parameters of the project. We do this by combining various specialisms, empathising with the client’s world and searching for the best solution for the specific application.

In the world of automation and autonomous systems, with a growing demand for digitalisation, we embrace the technology of tomorrow and strive to advise our clients and take them along with us. We do this by actively developing knowledge and creating a network in technology where the various specialisms of the client and ALTEN meet. ALTEN has its Academy, where our consultants are trained, there are various knowledge groups in which our employees learn about and share the latest technologies, and finally there are the network events which ALTEN organises or participates in.

In the broad field of technique, numerous interesting examples can be named. Have a look at a number of project references on which ALTEN has been allowed to work. We like to be challenged to create the optimal result. Therefore we like to get in contact with engineers who are not afraid to work on complex projects and with clients who are looking for the best solution for their needs.

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mechatronic system design

Mechatronic System Design is about creating the right functionality without predetermining the technology (mechanics, electronics, control technology or software) that will provide the best solution. This requires multidisciplinary knowledge and experience at system level in order to be able to make the right considerations and oversee the consequences of choices.

The system knowledge of the mechatronic developers and architects is complemented by specialists from the various fields of mechanics, electronics, control engineering and software. Control engineering is often the connecting factor that brings these domains together to get the most out of a system. Systems that are often solved by means of mechatronics are measuring and positioning systems.

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robotics & automationAt Robotics & Automation, the automation and autonomy of various processes is central. This varies from conditioned environments in a factory, to unpredictable environments such as a public space or the public road.

Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to optimise automation. They are capable of developing completely new robots and know how to use the many existing technologies and platforms creatively for new applications. Examples include the robotisation of a process using an industrial robot arm or the design of algorithms for the development of a self-driving car.

This knowledge is complemented by our experience in industrial automation where we automate machines using PLCs, embedded controllers and more traditional hardware components.

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electronic product developmentThe work area of Electronic Product Development brings functionality to life in the digital world.

Due to ALTEN’s extensive software expertise, our electronics department is also well versed in the digital domain, where software and electronics come together. Our engineers take on the development from component selection and schematic design to a working product that is fully integrated and tested. For the interface to the physical world, with for example sensors and actuators, ALTEN employs analogue experts who make the translation from the analogue to the digital domain and vice versa.

At ALTEN, we deal with systems of different scales. Switchboards control machines where specific PCBA’s provide a component with intelligence and microchips are applied where space is limited.

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mechanical designMechanical Design occupies an important place in the mechatronics domain. The mechanics ensure that actuators and robots perform their tasks.

It is of great importance that the functionality is achieved with maximum simplicity of the mechanics. Devising simple solutions for complex movements is not easy, but essential to keep the manufacturability simple and therefore the cost low. Our mechanical designers can do this with their in-depth knowledge to design specific constructions, taking into account tolerances, stiffnesses and vibrations.

Because our mechanical designers work on different systems, they encounter different requirements over and over again – with a different focus area each time. Where large forces and supporting strength calculations must be used, for example, to withstand earthquakes, the next time micrometer accuracy must be achieved in milliseconds. In addition, the machines must be able to continue functioning in their environment and comply with the applicable guidelines with CE, foodstuffs, medical or automotive directives.

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