Mechatronics & Robotics

Mechatronics & Robotics

ALTEN is also specialized in Mechatronics and Robotics and works for leading technically-oriented companies and specialises in research and development activities in areas where disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and control engineering come together. We have highly-qualified staff who work through us on innovative technological developments for these companies.

Flexible Robotics & Smart SystemsLearn more

One field of work that is unique to ALTEN is Flexible Robotics & Smart Systems. A multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers work in this field, tackling the challenges of complex and often autonomous systems. These are for example complex motion planning in a high-tech system with numerous degrees of freedom, or navigation and localisation of unmanned vehicles and robot arms. A thorough, integrated design for these components is essential if robust behavioural characteristics are to be achieved.

The environments within which these systems are located can often be unpredictable and dynamic, requiring them to be self-teaching, whether this is underpinned by artificial intelligence or by other methods. Human-machine interaction also plays an important role; the optimum solution can often be found there, working together with the people.

ROS-Industrial is one of the frameworks that we use for marketing this expertise. This standardisation also lets us train our customers to realise their own solutions rapidly with a limited degree of understanding of the underlying methodology.

Sensor & Measurement SystemsLearn more

In the Sensors & Measurement Systems field, we help our customers resolve questions they may have about measuring, understanding and correcting their systems.

ALTEN has extensive experience in analysing and optimising sensors and the data from them, or developing measurement concepts, right through to complete multidisciplinary development of measurement systems.

ALTEN’s experience includes the high-tech, offshore, printing (including 3D), mechanical engineering, automotive and healthcare industries.

Stages & Motion SystemsLearn more

In the majority of systems that ALTEN develops, movement is key. That expertise is realised within our Stages & Motion Systems field of work. Our specialists in this area are experts in fields such as actuator design, dynamics, motion control, system design and integration, for every phase of the project – from analysing the concept through to designing for production purposes.

This work is carried out for a wide variety of systems, according to tried and tested design principles – everything from very accurate precision systems through to low-cost consumer products, as well as robot systems in which numerous degrees of freedom have to be combined intelligently.

Test & Qualification SystemsLearn more

The Test & Qualification Systems field of work focuses on checking whether products and systems comply with the specifications and wishes of the customers. ALTEN’S experience in the entire design process means we are capable of using the specifications to determine what needs to be tested and against what conditions and then translating the results to produce a test system.

This can range from determining the feasibility of a concept or testing a prototype or module, through to validating a mass-produced product. It can also involve testing mechanical aspects and the links between the hardware and software.

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