Java Software Engineer | IT

Java Software Engineer | IT

You build intuitive, solid applications with backends in Java and front-ends based on modern frameworks—that’s what a Java developer does with us.

We are looking for developers who master the breadth of the field, but who have also managed to specialize in an expertise that touches on what we do at ALTEN IT: Java development in enterprise environments.

In this position you work in projects on enterprise applications and together with a team you build solutions based on Java. This can be an application that helps students, a system that arranges pension administration for millions of people, or that ensures that paying taxes is not more fun, but is easier. Our customers are diverse and many are on the cutting edge of IT and Technology.


  • You have a completed HBO or WO education in an IT-related direction.

You have experience with and knowledge of:

  • Front-end development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript based frameworks such as Angular, React JS, Vue;
  • Backend development in Java;
  • Develop in a cloud environment such as Azure or AWS;
  • Working in a DevOps team or an agile project format, such as Scrum or Kanban.

It is not a requirement, but you have an advantage if you have knowledge of:

  • DevOps and the implementation of CI/CD;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML);
  • Internet of Things (IoT).

Did you enjoy the conversations as much as we did? Then you will receive a permanent contract. If you want it, the next step is to choose a car, we will provide a laptop. Your efforts will be rewarded with a good salary with us and a bonus We think relaxing is just as important, so you will receive 27 holiday days with us If not enough, you can always buy 10 more.

With the right guidance from your Business Manager and mentor, you will embark on your new ALTEN adventure.

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