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Finance / Tertiary

The financial sector consists of institutions that ensure that consumers can pay, save, borrow and insure. The financial sector will change quickly and drastically in the coming years.

The role of banks is getting smaller, we are seeing more startups that use smart technology. Currently, 98% of financial apps are developed by companies other than banks. There is currently a do-it-yourself society that is increasingly running on peer-2-peer money. The new motto is: banking without bankers. In addition, companies such as Apple and Google join the financial market.

Those new entrants will further accelerate the merger between finance and IT. Not only major players such as Google and Apple, but also Fintech startups are driving innovation. The financial department has become co-responsible for the growth of companies in recent years. In order to realize these growth goals in a rapidly changing world of big data, digitization and mobile consumers, the finance professional needs the help of his IT colleague. Only through the use of smart IT solutions will organizations continue to be able to organize business processes efficiently and to serve customers directly in the future. That means integrating IT solutions into financial processes and products.

ALTEN offers consultancy services in the financial sector in the field of software development, testing and application maintenance.