Innovation seminar 'Age of Software' - Alten Netherlands

Innovation seminar ‘Age of Software’

Nov 07
Innovation seminar ALTEN

ALTEN invites you to join our annual Innovation seminar:
‘Age of Software’
The beating heart of modern industry

In the current of everchanging innovations in industry, software turns out to be one of the major vessels towards optimal adaptation of market demands. Companies which have fully embraced the possibilities that modern software offers, are able to lead the way in all segments. Huge new companies with enormous stock values and respective market shares have erupted in just a few years. Their disruptive abilities cause present and more traditionally oriented companies to maximize their awareness. Are you ready to compete?
Are you interested in the experiences of (high tech) companies regarding their own challenges toward innovation? Both national and major international players of the industry would like to share their story, how they addressed the expected and unexpected difficulties, and give you insight on how these can be applied in your own company.
This evening is interesting for CEO’s, CTO’s, Directors, R&D Managers, high and middle management of innovative (Technology) companies.

Venue: Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven (Geldropseweg 168A)
Date: Thursday 7th November 2019
Timing: 15:30h – 20:00h (incl. dinner buffet)

The evening will conclude with a networking event.

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