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Digital transformation is all around us. IT systems are rapidly going to the cloud. Mobile solution are the norm. Social Media are here to stay. Technological changes have a huge impact on every industry.

The changes are fast and they keep coming. Big data and analytics take up a more central position now. The internet of things, artificial intelligence, and self-learning machines—the coming years their influence will be tangible. Every company will need to have a digital strategy to stay successful and keep reinventing themselves.

ALTEN helps you to take control and to stay in control. Let digital transformation work for you instead of being overtaken by it. Because we understand technology. Even more importantly, we understand that technology alone is not enough. The what cannot do without the how: the business processes, the corporate culture, the leadership. An the why: that you can give your customers, your users, your employees, better and better what they need.

In the field of Digital Enterprise ALTEN offers the following services:

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ALTEN Digital Transformation

The umbrella service of ALTEN Digital Enterprise is supporting organisations in shaping their digital transformation.

We do this by tackling the how: helping to develop a strategy and to draw up a Digital Roadmap. As a kick-start for your innovation we offer a Digital Quick Scan. Of course we also tackle the what: We have technical specialists in all relevant fields, from front-end to backend, from data to hardware, to convert all ideas into actual, working systems.

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ALTEN Mobile and Web

Modern, data-driven applications are the heart of digital organisations.

Applications that offer services via the internet and present information in a multi-channel user experience that fits the device. This mindset is central to how we develop applications for web and mobile. We apply the most used JavaScript frameworks to develop responsive front-ends in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript onto .NET and Java backends. Development of user applications—for customers, employess, or partners—that’s what we do!

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ALTEN UXOf course we not only pay attention to coding and technology.

We understand that in the end it’s about the experience the users of your application have: Are they able to do what they want to do? Are they able to do what you want them to do? Our UX consultants help improve applications by making them easier to use and more intuitive, by increasing user friendliness, by making them more attractive and keep attention focused on them. Our UX proposition gives you a boost when you want to start, but don’t yet know how best to approach this.

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ALTEN Coud en APIPlatforms and ecosystems are another important pillar of digital transformation that we support.

We see this as a natural extension of putting the user at the centre of application development. The flexibility of the front-end, that’s what you want at the backend as well. Our specialists in cloud and API make sure your applications use the state-of-the-art technologies in backend development, data storage, and data exchange. Data security for us is a given and is part of our approach.

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ALTEN IoTALTEN has something unique to offer you in the field of Internet of Things.

With our expertise in sensor technology, data analysis, and application development, ALTEN can realise an end-to-end IoT solution for you. A one-stop-shop, from hardware to software. Do you want to do more in the world of IoT, or do you want one, integral solution? We’d be happy to talk to you about this.


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