Master Data Management

ALTEN Master Data ManagementMaster data are data that are crucial for the business operations of organisations, such as customer data, goods and products/services data. Case studies show that this data is often held on (fragmented) multiple systems and maintained by different people/departments with frequent overlap. Not only is this very inefficient but it can also result in inconsistencies, for example when related data is not created or edited at the same time in the different systems. This can result in a disruption of operational processes and erroneous decisions with far-reaching consequences such as adverse effects on the financial results and reputational damage.

A sound Master Data Management (MDM) solution helps to prevent and overcome the situations described above. However, practice shows that organisations who have independently implemented a costly and long-term programme do not always achieve the desired results. An experienced partner can help you to ensure a successful MDM initiative. Alten will advise and support your organisation where necessary, whilst your organisation retains ultimate control. Our approach includes the following components:

Data Maturity assessment
An assessment of your organisation’s data maturity (IST) focusing on existing governance, processes, content and monitoring.

Future vision and Roadmap
Joint establishment of a singular vision for the desired end result (SOLL) and a specific road map to achieve the objectives (DELTA).

Definition of core processes, roles, tasks and responsibilities embedded in the organisation and day-to-day processes.

There are various specialised software solutions for MDM. We can help and advice you with the selection and installation of the various software options.

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