Aeronautics & Space

Aerospace appeals to the imagination and is a very extensive field. Applications from the aerospace industry also find their way to the commercial world, such as navigation systems, the data from satellites for weather forecasts and research into the reduction of air resistance.

Quality, reliability and safety are critical values ​​for the aerospace industry. ALTEN helps organizations meet regulatory requirements, safety and reliability at an international level and offers consistency in the quality of the supply chain. Development prospects in the aviation sector are promising: over the next twenty years, the global fleet is expected to double and passenger transport will grow by 150%.

The ALTEN Group’s product and service offerings are particularly suited to meet the major challenges facing the aerospace industry, such as drafting requirements for technical innovations, quickly meeting production and delivery targets by mobilizing the ALTEN know-how, the drafting of technical documentation and increasing its competitiveness through the Romanian nearshore and the Indian offshore delivery centers, which offer quality at competitive prices.

ALTEN offers in all these areas the complete engineering spectrum over the entire product life cycle: R & D of complex systems, quality and configuration management, management of extensive programs and customer support and training.