Prachi’s Testimonial

ALTEN Testimonial Prachi

Prachi has worked for ALTEN since March last year. She is a technical consultant working from our office in Capelle a/d IJssel. Prachi is originally from Delhi, India and came to the Netherlands in 2013. She has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Telecommunications from TU Delft.

“As I complete one year at ALTEN this March, I have worked on two completely different projects. In my first role as an IoT consultant in telecom, I worked day in and day out with the latest innovations in IoT devices. Now I work as the QA lead at one of the largest media analytics companies in the world, understanding how users consume every possible media you can think of – print, online, TV, radio, etc.

And that summarizes exactly what ALTEN offers me: the opportunity to combine my love for technology with the possibility of choosing from a diverse range of sectors and projects. Each project that I work on helps me to refine my skills further and understand where my true calling and talents lie.

But, work is not all we do at ALTEN. You would not expect a room full of nerds to know how to let their hair down, but believe me they do. In the last one year I have scuba dived with my colleagues, built a wind-wagon out of scraps, and sampled some amazing cuisines.

An atmosphere that combines the challenge of technology with the comfort of good colleagues is definitely one to be a part of!”