“Agile is a collective evolution.”

On the 13th of November, ALTEN is RTE Summit Gold Partner. Organized for and by Release Train Engineers, this annual event is to share experiences and establish best practices for the future of this developing discipline.

Why ALTEN chose to be Gold Partner for 2018’s RTE Summit

We’re thrilled to welcome the international consultancy firm ALTEN as Gold Partner for the RTE Summit on November 13th. ALTEN technical manager Edo van der Post joins business manager Gerd Buter and managing consultant Wikash Madarie to share some of ALTEN´s vision on bringing Agile professionals to help with client transformations.

Edo: “We’re partnering with the RTE Summit because we see a bright future for the RTE’s role in the Agile corporate environment. RTEs and other high-profile roles are at the front of the Agile evolution going on in the corporate landscape, and we’re here to cheer you on.”

Gerd: “Corporate Agile environments need frameworks such as SAFe and LESS to govern tens of teams running around. It isn’t ‘bad’ Agile; it’s just plain realism. At these levels of scale, everything’s connected and interdependent. The RTE has a crucial part to play in keeping priorities clear, keeping stakeholders informed and expectations managed.”

Direction and belonging

Wikash chimes in: “Evolution is a good word to describe it. We encourage experimentation; we make mistakes together, evolving towards a successful approach. And that cannot be if you go around telling everyone their old ways are wrong, bragging about that fantastic new way of working you’re pushing: stay careful, so as not to lose the support we’re building.”

He continues: “We build cross-company platforms, for example. These chapters work as a living Agile knowledge base that everyone at our client can consult with – not just the Agilists but the business as well. The changes brought on by implementing SAFe or LESS or some other framework affect everyone, in expected and unexpected ways. Such a platform gives them a sense of direction and even belonging. It becomes their evolution, too – as it should be.”

Reserve your seat today!

ALTEN will attend the RTE Summit at the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on November 13th. Reserve your seat today to stay ahead of developments in the fascinating field of the RTE. Wikash will be giving a co-presentation with T-Mobile’s Arno Hanssen: “T-Mobile, our Agile journey“.


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