Innovation seminar

Innovation Seminar

ALTEN invites you to join the lustrum edition of our seminar:
‘Exponential growth in Innovation’
The second half of the chessboard

The second half of the chessboard relates to the parable of the invention of the game chess. As the legend goes, the inventor of chess introduced his game to the emperor of India, who gave as a reward a single grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard, two on the second and so on. Soon after the piles of rice entered the second half of the chessboard, the emperor figured out what was going on. What the story relates, as we know, is the power of exponential growth, which in technological terms is synonymous with Moore’s Law. Things really get crazy in the second half of the chessboard. Our human intuition can’t cope with the constant doubling after the 32nd square of the board.

Are you interested in the experiences of high tech companies regarding their own innovation challenges? We present you the views of both national and major international players in the industry, how they addressed the expected and unexpected difficulties, and give you insights how these can be applied in your own company.
This evening is interesting for CEO’s, CTO’s, Directors, R&D Managers, high and middle management of innovative companies, R&D (Technology) companies.

Venue: Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven (formerly known as St. Joseph)

Date: Thursday 9th November 2017

Timing: 15:30h – 20:00h (incl. dinner buffet)

The evening will conclude with a networking event.

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