Innovation Seminar

ALTEN invites you to join a new edition of our annual Innovation seminar:
‘Data Driven Business Innovation’

The accelerated development of technology in recent years has led to the belief that data – more specifically information – is one of the most important resources available. Nonetheless, while data is generated in a tremendous speed, the applications are nowhere near their full potential. Using information to your advantage can result in very high gains. The enormous volume of digital information in the world more than doubles every two years, and is expected to grow even faster in the future. At the same time, currently available and still developed technologies can get an increasing grip to deliver necessary data outputs that may be able to drive progress worldwide.

Are you interested in the experiences of (high tech) companies regarding their own innovation challenges? We present you the views of both national and major international players in the industry, how they addressed the expected and unexpected difficulties, and give you insights how these can be applied in your own company.

This evening is interesting for CEO’s, CTO’s, Directors, R&D Managers, high and middle management of innovative (Technology) companies.

Venue: Conferentiecentrum Eindhoven (Geldropseweg 168A)

Date: Thursday 15th November 2018

Our program:
Our program will be published soon. Starting time 15:30h – ending time: 19:30h, including diner buffet.
The evening will conclude with a networking event.

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