Seminar: Let’s talk UX strategy

On March 16th ALTEN organises the UX seminar: ‘Added Value of UX Design’ which takes place at our Rotterdam Office (Fascinatio Boulevard 582). The seminar starts at 14.00 and is free of charge.

User experience (UX) is, as the name states, all about how a user experiences your product. From the very first encounter the user creates mental models and weights the value of the product based on the experience he is having. In a split second your product is compared to others and a value is compiled. You can influence this  experience and value in advance! If you would like to know how, sign up for this seminar and find out.

Our consultants see a transition in the R&D market of the incorporation of UX in the product development processes. A lot of our clients are searching for an optimal way to make full use of the benefits of UX. In this interactive event, we would like to invite you to learn and share how UX is incorporated in your product’s development strategy. At ALTEN we value UX. And we are convinced that you do too.

This event is mostly interesting for CEO’s, CTO’s, Directors, R&D Managers, higher and middle management of innovative companies.

Please click here for the complete program, including speakers bio’s and abstracts.

If you are interested in participating, you are more than welcome at our Rotterdam Office (the seminar starts at 14.00h). The event is free of charge, but we would like you to please fill out this form, so we can send you a confirmation.

The program is as follows:

14.00h  Welcome
15.00h  ‘UX as differentiator in scientific software’ by Andre Jung (Shell)
15.45h  ‘UX done Right?’ by Rene Warries (Terberg) and Michael Verheijden (Vanderlande)
16.30h  Short break with drinks and demos
16.45h  ‘State of the UX Union’ by Marvin Fernandes (Hogeschool Utrecht)
17.30h  ‘Let’s talk Strategy’ by Bert de Weerd (ALTEN)
18.15h  Closure
18.30h  Dinner and drinks

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