Graduate assignment - Verification quadcopter hardware

Alten Nederland is a leading service provider in the field of technical automation. Alten Nederland has 300 employees in the Netherlands and is part of the international Alten group, which has 20,000 employees worldwide and has been active since 1988 in 20 countries.

Each year, Alten offers multiple students the opportunity to bring their knowledge into practice through an internship and/or graduation project. One of those potential projects is described within this document, but can be tailored to the student’s individual wishes and needs.

Project description
Over the years so-called quadcopters have become more and more popular. A quadcopter is a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is lifted and propelled by multiple propellers. Thanks to their maneuverability and/or stability characteristics, quadcopters are used in many different fields of expertise nowadays.

Alten is building a quadcopter that is subject to continuous improvements and is used for employees to bring their knowledge and new techniques into practice. Eventually the quadcopter will also be used at publicity related event. To allow all this, the quadcopter must be extensible and therefore it is very important to have a stable quadcopter base platform.

Alten recently bought new quadcopter components and it is vital to verify whether or not the composition of these components will allow for diverse future projects. Therefore Alten is looking for a motivated student who is willing to fulfill this task and that wants to bring the design of the quadcopter to a higher level.

Main tasks
During the project you will be responsible for the execution of (a subset of) these tasks:
· Provide an optimal PID calibration for the quadcopter
· Reduce/Isolate the vibrations transferred through the frame
· Optimize the mounting of the electronics PCB
· Isolation of the magnetic field generated by the motors
· Optimize the use of subpar components (e.g. unbalanced propellers, different motors, etc.)

· Mechatronics / Electronics / Computer Science related bachelor or master
· Affinity with Electronics and Robotics
· Preferably experience with Mechanical system
· Optional: CAD experience, control theory and modeling

During the project you are allowed to work flexible hours and own initiative is encouraged. Next to that, you are allowed to participate in all events and activities that are organized by Alten Nederland. Furthermore, you will be supervised by experienced software and mechatronics oriented professionals.