Keeping your professionals’ knowledge up to date is of great importance. It strengthens the innovative potential of your company and it ensures that you can respond more quickly to developments in the market. ALTEN is your partner for specialist training in the areas of real-time operating systems and software development.

Modern C++

C++ is a versatile computer language that has evolved over the past 15 years. It has evolved at the level of the language itself, culminating in the release of its latest major revision, C++11. Of equal importance has been the development of new and modern techniques, and the way these have become much more widely used. Examples are the use of smart pointers, RAII, generic programming and in general the increased use of high-level constructs. Read more…

Enterprise Architect in a day

The Enterprise Architect course is an excellent opportunity for the student with experience of UML and object oriented development to become familiar with the Enterprise Architect UML Modelling tool. The course provides knowledge and hand-on experience of modelling and code generation by means of Enterprise Architect. Read more…

Software Development with Enterprise Architect

ALTEN offers a unique, modular course that combines our knowledge of Enterprise Architect with insight into the many possibilities for its use in the Software Development process. The course is designed to follow the development lifecycle of an application. Read more….

Enterprise Architect Custom Training

The curriculum of this course is determined completely by your requirements, on the basis of an intake discussion by telephone or during a meeting. Based on this discussion, the course schedule and contents is designed according to your organisation and needs. The course material and the exercises are also tailored to your specific situation. In this way you obtain the most effective use of your training time. Read more…

C# in the .NET Framework

The course “C # and. NET framework” focuses on the use of C # programming in conjunction with the. NET framework. These are in addition to issues relating to the syntax of the language, also OO concepts and best practices will be discussed. During the course, theory is alternated with practical exercises. Read more….

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