Digital Enterprise

Digital transformation is everywhere around us. IT systems are rapidly moving to the cloud. Mobile solutions are the standard. It is impossible to imagine the world without social media. Technological changes have a great impact on all business sectors.

Things change fast and continue to change. Big data and analytics are paying an increasingly central role. The internet of things, artificial intelligence and self-learning machines: their influence will be felt in the coming years. Each company will have to have a digital strategy to remain successful and invent itself continuously.

ALTEN will help you to take control and maintain it. So that you can let the digital transformation do the work for you instead of being taken over by it. Because we understand the technology. More importantly, we understand that technology in itself is not enough. The what needs the how: the business processes, company culture, leadership. And the why: that you can are increasingly able to offer your clients, end users and employees what they need.

ALTEN offers the following services in the field of Digital Enterprise:

.NET en Java Consultancy

At ALTEN we have a strong focus on Microsoft products. We notice that products and services of Microsoft are used often in the playing field of the Dutch market. Our consultants know the advantages and possibilities of Microsoft and the latest technologies like no one else.


Applicatie ontwikkeling

We see many organisations with a wide range of requirements and issues such as: the need for a new CRM system, what are the possibilities for exchanging information between employees internally? Does a mobile application also exist for this? Can I connect my current website to our intranet? Can I unlock our HR system in the Cloud? If this is the case, how can this be done?


Roadmap Digital

Digital transformation is the new buzzword. It takes place on all markets. Organisations that respond to this transformation and use new techniques to lead the competition are flourishing. Organisations that do not do this will lose their market share in the long term. The question is: how can you anticipate this?


Vacatures Digital Enterprise

ALTEN collegas Wesley Ryan Cecilia

Is your passion with innovative, technical IT systems and do you like to deal with complex challenges with the latest techniques? Do you like to develop fitting solutions for backend, frontend and integration issues on the basis of Java and open source technology? In that case a job at ALTEN will definitely suit you! As a consultant you will work in different environments and use the latest techniques. It is the ideal possibility to use and increase your (technical) knowledge. Click here for all our job openings.