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When integrating BI & Analytics into business processes at companies and (semi-public) organisations, questions arise at the interface between business and ICT:
– Does the BI system have the right quality level? And how can you safeguard this quality?
– How do you remain in control of the BI environment?
– How do you ensure that data can be shared without trouble?

ALTEN builds bridges between business and ICT, allowing you to be and remain in control of the supply of information, both on a technical and an organisational level! Our professionals have lots of experience with every aspect of the field of expertise. Not only do they have sound technical knowledge, they can also turn a question into a solution on a process-related and organisational level.

ALTEN, thé specialist in the field of BI & Analytics, is concluded in de ALTEN organization. Check through the links below which services ALTEN offers in the field of BI & Analytics.

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