Are you ready the ALTEN International Challenge?


ALTEN´s presence in most European countries, likewise in the Americas, Canada and Asia, offers all of our employees the opportunity to develop their professional experience at an international level; and for candidates who have chosen us as the company in which to develop their careers more permanently, the opportunity to participate in selection processes to join other projects around the world in our many offices.
All international selection processes for positions located in other offices in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France…) are centralized from ALTEN Spain.

Go to:

Basic requirements:

• Higher education: Degree in Industrial Engineering, Computing, Chemistry, Physics…
• Mastery of more than one European language.
• High level of motivation and interest in pursuing a career in an international environment.

Steps in the process of international work opportunities:

1. Submission of request
Registration in the international offer of interest to you, so that the International Recruitment Team, based in Spain, receives your application in order to analyze the fit between your profile and the needs described in the job offer. Do not forget to prepare your CV and a cover letter in English.

2. Meeting of requirements
If you meet all the requirements to participate in the process (language, mobility, professional experience, etc.), you will be contacted by a person from the International Recruitment Department to arrange a date for an interview. This is where the real recruitment process begins.

3. Interview at ALTEN headquarters
After gathering all the information after a first interview, you will have first contact with more technical and specific interviews aimed at narrowing down the candidates in the final selection process.

4. Final stage
From here, the interviews and selection processes come under the management of the country where the position will be located. They will be responsible for giving you all the information in detail about the project and residence in the country.