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in 2018

Technological challenges

Increasing urbanisation and rising environmental concerns are factors behind the rail industry’s buoyant growth. The increase in traffic is about 5% per year, and the global market is expected to grow on average by 2.6% p.a. between now and 2017*. France is the world’s third rail power behind China and Germany and its upcoming programmes indicate sustained activity over the years ahead. Prospects are also opening up abroad, where the sector’s exports are expected to double by 2020.

The Group’s product and service supply in the railway sector focuses on several lines of industry expertise:

  • design, sizing, implementation, certification and validation of rolling stock;
  • development and validation of signalling systems, traffic management or real-time information systems.

In a context where panels are being streamlined and tightened, ALTEN is reinforcing its positions in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, the USA and Russia, with both the manufacturers of materials and suppliers and network operators.


ALTEN added value

Nearly 600 engineers serving the Railway industry

  • Significant positions in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, the USA and Russia.
  • Over 50% of projects in workpackage mode.

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